LOS Code - BCL Molecular 18

BCL Molecular 18
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Leicester Operating System (LOS)

Pre LOS92

Below is all LOS92

Bootstrap, resident Constants, Initiator support tables and templates.

Resident Library routines, Interrupt Handler.
Resident Library routines, Mains Off handler, Task 0 (System task), Device Interrupt Service table, Command routine.
Printer Service templates, On-line Security routines, Resident Library routines.
Resident Library routines, Printer Control Program.
Initiator support routines and templates.
Initiator, DRI tape punch utility, Recovery routine, Disc Service templates.
Resident ISAM routines, Printer Service templates, Resident system text.
OP utility Decode routine, Initiator support routines and templates.
Start-up Intercept routine, Stand-alone OP utility as at LOS Version 88 (August 1978).
Resident Spooling routines, resident File Handling routines, resident Disc Access support routines.
Resident Input/Output Library routines, resident File Handling support routines, Task Scheduler.

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