SADIE, SUSIE and the Molecular 18



1939   Low's Calculators Ltd incorporated at 180 Tottenham Court Road
1961   Systemation Ltd incorporated with Bill Gannon as MD
1962   Low's Calculators Ltd becomes Business Mechanisation Ltd with Bill Heselton as MD
1962   Systemation's BETSIE launched
1963   Systemation's SADIE launched at Business Efficiency Exhibition, Olympia

Business Mechanisation Ltd becomes Bismec Ltd and later Bismec Group Ltd
Joint production and marketing deal between Systemation Ltd and Bismec Ltd


Systemation and Business Mechanisation Ltd together incorporate Business Computers Ltd
Business Computers Ltd in Public Share offering - 700,000 ordinary 2/- shares for sale at 21/- each - oversubscribed by 40%

1970   SUSIE launched
1972   Molecular 18 Mark One launched
1974   Business Computers Ltd in receivership
1975   Computer World Trade Ltd buy Business Computers Ltd
1976   Ex-Singer management buy into BCL and Mike Munnelly takes over as MD
1977   Allied Business Systems Ltd take over production of Molecular-18 and BCL launched the Mark IV
1981   Business Computers (Systems) Ltd become Business Computers (Systems) Plc with a public launch
1984   Business Computers (Systems) Plc suffer a bad year
1986   Electronic Data Processing Plc buy Business Computers Plc

Financial Growth


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