SADIE, SUSIE and the Molecular 18


BCL was my second job as a programmer and my first on the vendor side of the industry. I was in my early twenties, single and shared a flat with Alec Evans the FS Engineer mentioned above. I remember programming a system for King Briton to cater for the introduction of VAT and the Molecular 18 system we put into Leigh, Lineham and Sharphouse was only the 2nd machine sold in the UK. I had to write some parts of the controlling monitor system myself as it was so new.

One of the memorable tools we used to assist programming the Sadie/Susie was a tray of 8 domino sized tablets which could be written on with a wax pen and represented the short term memory relay in which all arithmetic was carried out. We called it a shuffle board. Programming was carried out using octal codes, and the data stores had to be placed into the right registers in order to perform the function.