Distributor EP - BCL Molecular 18

BCL Molecular 18
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Distributor EP

By the 1990s, customers were epecting to add many more screens and wanted new functionality from the O/S.

New features were added:

Bank Switching - the bottom 32K was fixed, but multiple different top 32K stores could be switched in and out under O/S control.
(Many new customers were running the MCMB package which required 4K partitions.  i.e. Half the number that might have been expected in a given machine.)
Real Time Clock
Smarter IO boards that buffered more input from users and hence reduced the load on the interrupt handler.
New OS Commands to 'Stow' a partition to disk and pick it up later at either the same screen or another.
New Disk controller that supported (SCSI ?) disks and tapes.

I don't have any photopgraphs of a late model Distributor EP.   The machine alongside was originally a straight-forward Mk V, but converted on site to an EP.  The front panel has obviously gone, replaced with a small LED two line display and a few buttons.
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